Veterans Day By: Alicia McPhillips

It’s Monday night as I type this, and my husband is downstairs relaxing watching one of his favorite movies American Sniper. Listening to the trumpet play the most beautiful yet eerie song, it got me thinking how Veterans Day is sneaking up on us. Do people even remember Veterans Day anymore? Do people really remember the meaning? “Veterans Day to me serves as a reminder … Continue reading Veterans Day By: Alicia McPhillips

App-ditction: Two Dots By: Stephanie Hoover

I only have a problem if I admit it, right? If you’re looking for a new basic app game download Two Dots and tinker away. The objects are different with each level. Sometimes you’re trying to “break glass” and sometimes you’re trying to get all of the anchors to the bottom, but it all hinges on connecting two or more dots. And it’s better if … Continue reading App-ditction: Two Dots By: Stephanie Hoover

Netflix Binge: Grace and Frankie By: Stephanie Hoover

After forty years of marriage Grace and Frankie find out that their husbands are not announcing their retirements at dinner, but are announcing that they’re leaving Grace and Frankie to be with each other. Robert and Sol’s partnership for twenty years has not been strictly limited to that of business and now they’re finally ready for “the next chapter” of their lives. Grace and Frankie … Continue reading Netflix Binge: Grace and Frankie By: Stephanie Hoover

SOLITAIRE By: Laura Winton

She sat in front of the computer while words ran in a steady stream through her head like a teletype reporting news or stock quotes.  Stories, anecdotes, metaphors, whole poems would pass through while she sat impassive, as if refusing to swat at a swarm of buzzing flies.  She sat still, moving only her wrist and forearm, wordlessly placing cards on cards on the screen. … Continue reading SOLITAIRE By: Laura Winton