Netflix Binge: Grace and Frankie By: Stephanie Hoover

After forty years of marriage Grace and Frankie find out that their husbands are not announcing their retirements at dinner, but are announcing that they’re leaving Grace and Frankie to be with each other. Robert and Sol’s partnership for twenty years has not been strictly limited to that of business and now they’re finally ready for “the next chapter” of their lives. Grace and Frankie not only seem to not be too fond of one another, but they’re the female equivalent of the “Odd Couple.” Despite Grace’s dislike for Frankie she just can’t seem to get away from her and wants to help her through to the next chapter of their lives.

While Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are quite the opposite, which is a typical comedic trope, I’m not hooked on the show. I like the set up that while they’re not only going through something similar their (soon to be) ex-husbands ended up with one another. And it’s interesting to see Martin Sheen and “Law and Order’s” Sam Waterston (Jack McCoy) in such different roles than I’m used to. While it’s a cute show and there’s humorous dialogue like, “I don’t see Jesus, but in that general direction” and “If anyone’s going to sit on Ryan Gosling’s face it’s going to be me!” it’s nothing I’m going to crazy binge myself. However, if you take to it –binge away! It’s definitely worth a few episodes. And maybe like wine, it gets better with more time.


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