Is Derby For You? Stephanie Hoover

One of the best things about writing for The WIU-QC The Edge is that if you’re excited about something going on in school, at work, or in your professional life you can be sure others will want to hear about it! Thus I am sharing what I learned from QCR (Quad City Rollers) Recruitment Information Night. First of all, if you’re already hooked and want more information I won’t make you wait:

What had me hooked was this group, comprised mostly of amazing women, although including some amazing men as well, is there for each other in every way possible. They aren’t just there for each other when they’re in skates, but regard one another as family. QCR is also understanding of time needed to be taken off for family expansion (pregnancy), school, work, and other such “life” things. However, there are plenty of other opportunities sans-skates where you can still support the team (volunteers, announcer, paperwork, etc.). You can even be a ref! However, that is on skates. I could tell the girls who were returning after a break, were veterans, or who had just joined the group were committed to helping one another succeed even if it was on a pace different from theirs. And I don’t know about you, but this sounds like way more fun than the gym because it comes packaged with a family!

After everyone introduced themselves (and their bad-ass derby names) QCR covered: the practice hours (16 regular hours per month after 40 newb practice hours completed) before one could break out into the big time (two teams available), membership requirements, committees opportunities/requirements, skater, volunteer, ref, and NSO requirements, financial responsibilities, derby names, and their “Roller Checklist” (items required or recommended for membership). Oh, did I mention QCR is 501( c )3 based? Yea, so they need sponsors if you’d like to help out!

While I can’t include everything I found out in this article, as there were many fine intricacies I have not yet mentioned that involve the words “massages” and “chiropractor,” I’ll let you contact Quad City Rollers to inquire into all else at your own leisure ( While it has been some time since I’ve really skated, aside from my friend’s son’s birthday party, I am all too eager to drop out of grad school and get started now! –But I won’t. I’m equally excited and terrified to join QCR, but the passion and energy in that room is what makes me believe that at 32 I can train my butt off and try something new; and even if I find it’s not for me I’ll have made some great friends in my attempt. And as was stated tonight, some may find that the skates just do not agree with them, but that’s not kept them from becoming an intricate part of what makes QCR run!

If you’ve got your gear and you’re ready to go (first contact QCR- you can start practicing as early as November 16th (practices currently Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings)! From there it sounds like the team is going to break around mid-December and start back up the beginning of January. Hopefully we’ll see each other come January! –“I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…”

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