How to Handle Facebook Chainposts By: Stephanie Hoover

Here’s the thing. I HATE seeing chainposts on Facebook that seem like a true, personal, heartfelt story written by my friend(s) and then it’s all, “…only my true friends will copy and post this.” Suddenly I’m like, “Sonuvabitch!!!! I’ve been had!!” I feel this diminishes the point of the post and makes people less likely to share it; or read it. However, I am a huge advocate for promoting change through sharing stories. I’d challenge everyone who wants to share chain-type posts that are trying to promote a message and raise awareness to alter it so it more reads like this one:

Would any of my Facebook friends please copy and re-post?

I’m doing this to prove that someone is always listening. (or to raise awareness about ______ issue)


National Suicide Prevention LIFEline:

1-800-273-TALK (8255

1-877-927 8387 this number is just for veterans the phone is answered by veterans available 24/7

This post is better because it’s short and not deceptive. However, including a story isn’t terrible, but I’d urge you to make sure others know this is not your story. I don’t share many chainposts because I don’t like feeling forced or guilted into sharing such things. This post is upfront and gets right to the point without having to deceive people into thinking it’s a personal story from someone close to them. Its message is clear, to show “someone is always listening.” It’s not like “You’re a horrible person and not my true friend and babies and puppies will die if you don’t repost this!!!! Also, God will hate you and Santa won’t bring you presents and you’ll go to hell…please share!”

From now on when I see important messages that should be shared and are trying to guilt or scare people into chainsharing I’m going to alter them so they’re more reflective of the above-mentioned post and then share them. Let’s start a new cycle of chainpost sharing!

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