Student Spotlight: Brianna Batey By: Stephanie Hoover

Brianna Batey is a double-major in Business Management and Human Resources, projected to graduate in December 2017. Aside from her studies Brianna’s WIU activities include: being the Student Human Resources Management (SHRM) and Toastmasters Senator for the Student Government Association and the Toastmasters Vice President of Membership and Vice President of PR. Next semester Brianna will be taking up the position of Vice President SHRM.

Although Brianna is from Davenport she’s lived in nineteen different places within the following states: Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky –and surprisingly she is not a military kid! Brianna is very proud of her family giving them the title of “best family on the face of the earth.” From the stories she’s shared with me I don’t doubt the validity of her statement! Brianna’s family has not only given her three vehicles, but helped her work on them as well. In addition, they bought her an AC unit when she couldn’t afford one and in other such cases of emergency she can call three generations who will always support her. Among these generations Brianna has five younger siblings who are spread out from Davenport to Chicago. Her dad is a financial adviser and her mother is a purchasing manager. Brianna’s great grandparents also own a lumber mill ( in Mt. Pleasant Iowa where her grandfather currently works.

Outside of WIU, and aside from visiting her “massive family,” or sleeping, Brianna works at Honda and reads whenever she has the chance. Brianna’s favorite book series is the Outlander series, which she also has a tattoo of as well. If you’d like to speak with Brianna further in person you can find her at any SHRM or Toastmasters meeting!

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