My Feelings and Thoughts on the Gilmore Girls Revival (Spoilers!) By: Alicia McPhillips

If you, like myself, were crushed when Gilmore Girls had their series finale. You were a member of Stars Hollow; you were present at the town meetings, you drank coffee and ate burgers at Luke’s, you watched Rory graduate from Chilton and then from Yale, you sat through Friday night dinners. ‘Oy with the poodles, YOU were an honorary Gilmore! When they cried, you cried. When they were fighting, you somehow found a way to argue with someone in your life (sorry mom). When Rory took a break from Yale, you re-evaluated your life (did anyone else look for the nearest D.A.R. or was that just me?)

Hearing the rumors that there might be a revival gave me so much joy! I actually loved the way the series ended-all the loose ends were tied. Rory graduated from Yale and got a job, Lorelai and Luke were in a good place, Emily and Lorelai weren’t at ends- ALL WAS RIGHT IN STARS HOLLOW!

Turns out the rumors were true: the revival would be a Netflix original and air the Friday after Thanksgiving. Awesome; perfect timing. Eat your weight in pie and mashed potatoes; go into a coma just in time to wake to watch your favorite show. You have your cup of coffee, you are wrapped in a blanket, and you checked your Internet connection –YOU ARE READY. The beginning is bringing all the feels; the characters don’t miss a beat! It feels good to be home.

Then you continue to watch. Did anyone else feel that Rory complains an awful lot? I cant begin to tell you how many times I said to my tv ‘What are you doing?!’ Whether it was complaining about not having a job, forgetting about her 2-year relationship with Paul (and forgetting to breakup with him) sleeping with an engaged Logan (did she not learn from the Dean scenario?) All leading up to those last four words . WHAT THE HELL. That’s all I could manage to say after it was over. I felt betrayed. I felt hurt. I HAVE QUESTIONS THAT NEEDS ANSWERS.

What happened with Rory on the Obama campaign? There were photos released of them in the White House with the First Lady. Was Sookie invited to the wedding? Why does Paris even care about Tristan still (where is Chad Michael Murray?) How does Rory afford flying to London and an apartment in Brooklyn when she is jobless? Why would she sleep with a Wookiee?

Where did the comically gigantic portrait of Richard end up? Who sent that letter to Emily? How did Paris get so many degrees? Was Harvard everything she wanted? Do Luke and Lorelai ever have a baby? What about Kirk and Lulu? What does Mr. Kim do? Why does April even exist still? What is Lukes actual wifi password?  Does Lorelai ever expand the Dragonfly? Does Rory publish the book? WHO IS THE FATHER OF RORY’S BABY?!

With finals right around the corner, I needed to get all this out so I’m able to focus, and hopefully if you watched you are feeling some of the same things I am. You aren’t alone! Grab your cup of coffee, get your pro and con list out, take a deep breath and see if you can smell for snow. We are in this together. In Omnia Paratus

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