App-Tastic: Jelly Splash By: Stephanie Hoover

“They so cute!!!” is almost always my response when my boyfriend asks if I’m playing “Jellies.” Jelly Splash is similar in premise to Bejeweled, except the screen is filled with cute little jellies that are oh so happy when you win. Each level has different objectives and obstacles. Most levels are basic, requiring hitting a certain score in so many moves. But some levels required you to get “x amount” of diamonds to the bottom while connecting the jellies in so many moves. Or some levels require you to remove all of “the grey slime” with some spots that are double grey so you have to remove it from the spot twice. There are little one-eyed grey dudes that will multiply if you don’t remove at least one per move -and they can definitely throw a wrench into your game if you forget about them. There are also little mushroomy things that get in your way, however, don’t multiply, but just stay in your way until you remove them. However, similar to the double grey slime, some mushrooms are harder to remove than the basic ones. You only have so many lives too so if you fail a level or levels too many times you’ll have to wait until your life refills –unless you buy more lives or bug your friends on Facebook to help ya out (I don’t recommend doing that if you want to have any Facebook friends at the end of the week!). You’re also given chances to obtain gifts that can help you clear out the jellies faster throughout the game. Like most games this one has evolved and changed, upgraded, since I started playing so if you’re starting to lose interest there may come an update with some added fun. Check out the cuteness of my jellies!!! Happy splashing!

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