Right Brain Therapy: Luke Cummings

I’m going to begin by telling you about a boy. This boy had a fairly normal childhood, the kind full of fun and happiness that most would envy; summer days at the pool and trips to Disney World, huge family gatherings and after-school shenanigans. He was a friend to many, and was loved by many more. But something wasn’t right; all wasn’t as it seemed. … Continue reading Right Brain Therapy: Luke Cummings

Week 3 Power Rankings By: Dan Dankert

Week 3 Power Rankings North America Cloud 9 +0 (4-0) Cloud 9 is in a very weird spot right now. They clearly aren’t as clean as the number one team should be, but their potential is so unbelievably high that it’s impossible to put them anywhere else than number one and in my opinion they have already played an incredibly tough schedule. Right now, at … Continue reading Week 3 Power Rankings By: Dan Dankert

Week 3 LCS By: Dan Dankert

Week 3 LCS Games of the Week Flyquest vs. Dignitas Honorable Mention: TSM vs Phoenix 1 The Flyquest-Dignitas series will be a huge measuring stick for both teams. Flyquest is the king of macro play and understanding pick and ban, outside of giving Echo Fox Camille, which was an absolute disaster. Dignitas however has several mechanical kings in Chaser and Ssumday. Whoever, is more passable … Continue reading Week 3 LCS By: Dan Dankert

Human By: Margaret Laupp

We’ve always said, “America first!” Whatever problems they have, we have it worse!”   “Our family is on the verge of poverty! See how wretched: our house has only one TV!”   “We have too much food, it’s making us fat! Africa’s lucky they don’t have that.”   “These vaccines may cause mental diseases! We should be letting the virus do as it pleases.”   … Continue reading Human By: Margaret Laupp