Human By: Margaret Laupp

We’ve always said, “America first!”

Whatever problems they have, we have it worse!”


“Our family is on the verge of poverty!

See how wretched: our house has only one TV!”


“We have too much food, it’s making us fat!

Africa’s lucky they don’t have that.”


“These vaccines may cause mental diseases!

We should be letting the virus do as it pleases.”


The lines have been drawn, the boundaries can’t be crossed.

Because what we have might already be lost.


America’s not a paradise, and we can all relate.

But that’s no reason for us to isolate.


There are so many issues and we’re struggling to solve them.

But none of these are only America’s problem.


Like all humans, we hunger, we want, and we need.

When beaten, we bruise. When cut, we bleed.


Their problems are not less because they live farther away

Our problems are not more when we live in the USA


I don’t want to be the best American

I just want to be a decent human.

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