Veterans! Submit Your Work to “SITREP”

by: Luke Cummings PAY ATTENTION, this is a call-to-action! The WIU literary magazine SITREP: Veteran Perspectives on Combat and Peace is now asking for submissions from veteran students, faculty, staff, or alumni. Fiction, Nonfiction, poetry, and art/photography are all accepted. These pieces can be about literally anything that you feel is a necessary expression of yourself and your veteran demographic. You can share your experiences, … Continue reading Veterans! Submit Your Work to “SITREP”

A Review of “The Great Wall”

by: Sean Harrison The Great Wall is a movie detailing one president’s quest to build a wall between the USA and Mexico. This is to keep Mexicans from immigrating to the States without permission, but they predictably dig a whole underneath the wall. Oh wait, that’s the wrong movie. That last part is eerily familiar, though. This movie is actually the latest film directed by the … Continue reading A Review of “The Great Wall”