Veterans! Submit Your Work to “SITREP”

by: Luke Cummings

PAY ATTENTION, this is a call-to-action! The WIU literary magazine SITREP: Veteran Perspectives on Combat and Peace is now asking for submissions from veteran students, faculty, staff, or alumni. Fiction, Nonfiction, poetry, and art/photography are all accepted. These pieces can be about literally anything that you feel is a necessary expression of yourself and your veteran demographic. You can share your experiences, some old letters from your enlisted days, make a statement about something that matters to you, or just create something that you want to be seen by others.

SITREP: Veteran Perspectives on Combat and Peace is a magazine 100% written and edited by veteran students, faculty, staff, or alumni of WIU. Our core mission is to give veterans a voice. We maintain a much appreciated partnership with faculty advisors who do amazing things to garner funding and publicity, hookup web design and publishing contacts, and oversee layout and perfection of the final product.

SITREP is in its third year, and with each year the interest and participation grows. Aside from funding, the biggest hurdle we face in this regard is getting the word out to veterans, either on campus or graduated. Posters and flyers are all over both campuses, but we need you to spread the word. We also want you to come to the public launch night (TBD for the QC campus); even if you don’t submit, or even if you’re not a veteran, we want as many people there as possible to show support for the project and its contributors.

We have a special need for original artwork. This art will be used on the front and back covers as well as throughout the magazine. We would also appreciate any photographs you have of your time in service. Help us create a reading experience that is incredible, not only in the literary sense, but aesthetically as well!

Submit all works to be considered for entry to by March 25th!

Also, go check out our web page at to donate to this project or to see what we’re all about. We are completely funded by grants and donations, so sharing the page with everyone you know can be a huge help!

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