Netflix Binge: Once Upon a Time

By: Stephanie Hoover

Like many other children I grew up on fairytales from reading them to watching them and even pretending I was in one of them. The first time I saw trailers and previews for ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” I knew it was going to quickly become one of my favorite shows! And with five seasons completed I’ve loved seeing how it’s evolved. In a land where anything’s possible, even hopping through portals to other worlds or enduring a curse which changes everything around you there’s really no end to what could happen in this world –even time travel!

As the story introduces the characters the main story revolves around Snow White and Prince Charming fighting the Evil Queen who sets a curse upon everyone in the Enchanted Forest. This curse sends everyone from the Enchanted Forest to a place where there are no happy endings –wouldn’t you believe she sent them to the real world, our world? The curse also erases the memories of everyone in the land and they all have new identities in their new land of Storybrook. Snow White becomes Mary Margaret and Prince Charming becomes David Nolan. The Evil Queen, Regina, stays as Regina as she still has her memory. While everyone remains in what seems to be an eternal unknown unhappy ending there’s said to be a savior who could break Regina’s curse, which is what kicks off season one. Watch and see if the savior shows and how it plays out –and also where it leads!

Not only are there the traditional fairytale characters, but Victor Frankenstein (Dr. Whale), King Arthur, Elsa and Anna, and the Mad Hatter make appearances also. Throughout the seasons we see a different take on the fairytales we’ve come to know and love. While I have wavering opinions on adaptations, really relying on simply whether or not I like them, I absolutely love “Once Upon a Time” and don’t mind if they “don’t follow the storylines” which I know and love. In fact, eventually the characters learn of “their stories” in the real world and how they are known to “us.” This makes it seem like the stories we know and love are the adaptations from their real lives and we’re the ones who got it wrong. And the twists and turns these storyline will take you one will absolutely floor you with many reveals of who is who to who and who you thought you knew as so and so wasn’t really true. Peter Pan’s story was one of my favorites! What are you waiting for? Get to binging!

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