Movie Mayhem: August Rush

By: Stephanie Hoover

An oldie but a goodie. If you’re a music lover and haven’t seen August Rush go rent it asap; you don’t even have to read the rest of this review if you trust me that much! Freddie Highmore played a much more tender and loving character in this flick, Evan Taylor (August Rush), compared to his current portrayal of Norman Bates on Bates Motel (which is also good!). This is the prefect compromise between a drama and a musical. The only singing in this movie is what you’d see in real life –you know, because people don’t walk around dressed like cats singing about other noteworthy cats; even though that would be awesome!

Evan is an orphan who eventually decides to go looking for his parents instead of waiting for them to find him –as he claimed “the music” would lead him to them. Evan finds the music in everything –all the sounds around him from the wind to cars to footsteps on the pavement and so on. Music is in his blood as he’s a quick learner and anything musical, playing guitar, playing piano, writing music, etc., seems to come naturally to him. The movie jumps between Evan, Lyla, and Louis and shows their lives from past to present. Lyla is a beautiful cellist and Louis is a guitarist and singer in a band. Of course they meet, fall for one another, and are torn apart all too soon. Oh, and I better not forget to mention that after this movie you may not be too fond of Robin Williams afterward so maybe have Aladdin or Patch Adams on standby. You’ll see how music affects everyone’s lives in the movie and find out if Evan is lead to his parents through music or not. While it may be a tad far-fetched I think the amazing music, storyline, and editing or the music and scenes should win you over!

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