Engineering Week

By: Dan Dankert February included one of the coolest things to happen on the WIU-QC campus thus far this school year. Academic Club of Engineering (ACE) had their first ever Engineering Week on campus. This included a wealth of activities that took place on and off campus. It also included events of all kinds, there were competitions, movie screenings, educational panels, and even an open … Continue reading Engineering Week

WIU-QC Steps up for Black History Month

By: Dan Dankert February is nationally recognized as Black History Month. It’s a time for reflection. It’s a time where we can take a step back and focus on the overwhelming impact African Americans have made on this country. The Quad Cities Cultural Alliance (QCCA), a group that includes WIU-QC staff and students, took several steps to make sure Black History Month was a focus … Continue reading WIU-QC Steps up for Black History Month