Food Pantry Open: Fighting Food Insecurity

By: Dan Dankert Food insecurity. What does that mean to me? It represents the millions of Americans who don’t have enough money to pay the bills, and put food on the table. Millions of Americans of all ages suffer from hunger every year in various levels. Recently, studies have begun to show that food insecurity is running rampant across college campuses. Here at WIU-QC we … Continue reading Food Pantry Open: Fighting Food Insecurity

Those Poor Souls

by: Luke Cummings – Here I sit, looking around me at all the yelling and arguing and celebrating and doomsday-prophesying and finger-pointing and speculating, and I’m only thinking, “Those poor souls.” President Trump shocked the world on August 6th when he authorized a missile attack on an airfield whose occupants had allegedly launched chemical attacks on citizens just the day before. Some in the media … Continue reading Those Poor Souls