Things You Will Say or Realize Once You Own a Husky

by: Alicia McPhillips –

  1. You will know when it’s time to blow their coat
  2. They do come in all different colors
  3. They do, in fact, have that blue of eyes and NO they aren’t blind
  4. They do not all have blue eyes
  5. No, having a Malamute is not the same
  6. Yes, he does love the snow
  7. Yes, he is full grown
  8. Yes, I have seen the movie Balto
  9. Yes, they are like giant cats
  10. He is indeed sassy all the time
  11. He is also a free-spirit and does what he wants
  12. He is Houdini in dog form-nothing can keep him confined
  13. Yes, he is always that bouncy
  14. Invest in a Dyson Vacuum
  15. No, he doesn’t always look mad
  16. I wouldn’t trade him for the world

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