Eclipse August 2k17

Looking for information on the solar eclipse taking place today? The best place to check for information is via NASA.

Eclipses are rather uncommon, but an eclipse of this magnitude is exceedingly rare! It will be over 100 years before anything like this eclipse will happen again.

This eclipse will span the entire country, from “Sea to Shining Sea.” Also, in places it will reach almost 100% coverage of the sun. Our sister campus in Macomb will be very close to 100% coverage, here at WIU-QC we will see roughly 92% coverage.

Here at WIU-QC there will be a viewing party in the quad from 12:30-2:30. Make sure to drop by for snacks, proper solar glasses, and to share the experience with your classmates.

Also, if you do not have proper solar glasses, please do not look into the sun as it is very damaging for your eyes. Your eyes do not have pain sensors so you will not know how much damage you have done to your eyes until its too late if you look at the sun without proper protective eyeware.

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