NAMI Walk Takes Over WIU-QC

**The Picture Above is from the 2016 NAMI Walk**

By: Dan Dankert

Mental Illness is a topic that has gained the nation’s attention in the past year. The Netflix show 13 Reasons Why propelled the topic into the national spotlight (whether for good or bad is yet to be seen). The American public is really zeroed in on the problem of mental illness and the impact it’s having on people across the country. With that, it’s so important to recognize groups that are working to fight mental illness across the country. One of these groups is NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness.) Here in the Quad Cities there will be a walk in support of the local NAMI chapter, and WIU-QC students are stepping up to the plate to help make that walk a success.

The Psychology Club, Chi Sigma Iota, and the Counseling Association are teaming up to make this program a success. Earlier this Summer I met with Graduate Student Jenny Evans to talk about this really cool event that is gaining traction here at WIU-QC. She informed me that the event would be held on Saturday, September 23rd at 9:30 a.m. The group plans to find at least 100 walkers to walk with the WIU-QC group, and to raise $1,500 in donations for all of the good things that NAMI does in the community.

When asked how students can get involved Jenny pointed out that the walk is free and that one of the best ways students can get involved is to support the cause by walking with the WIU-QC group and to wear purple and gold to the event. So far the group has been able to sign up 60+ walkers and they have raised almost $600 for the cause.

One of the school’s core values is Social Responsibility, with that in mind these students are taking the initiative to help make our community a better place. We are all challenged as students to make a difference on campus and in the community. What have you done recently? Have you made a difference? Are you looking for ways to make a difference? Maybe this is the one.

I’ve signed up to walk, have you?

** If you would like to take part you can contact the psychology club, chi sigma iota, or the counseling association for more information**

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