NBA Offseason 2018

By: Danny Peal

This year’s offseason has had many twists, turns, and headscratchers. Due to offseason moves the Western Conference has got even tougher. Three Eastern All-stars have packed their bags to join teams from the already loaded Western Conference: Paul George leaving the Pacers to join the M.V.P. Russell Westbrook in Oklahoma City, Jimmy Butler leaving (my favorite team) the laughable franchise that is the Chicago Bulls to join up with a young promising Timberwolves team looking to make the playoffs for the first time since the 2003-2004 season, Paul Millsap finally leaving the Atlanta Hawks to form one of the most complete frontcourta by joining Nikola Jokic in the mile high city of Denver. There was only one all-star in the West that went East and that was Gordon Hayward going from the Utah Jazz to team up with his old college coach Brad Stevens in Boston. Some all-stars remain in their original conference one of which being Chris Paul leaving the Clippers to join James Harden in Houston creating quite the backcourt pairing for the offensive wizard, Rocket’s coach Mike D’antoni, to tinker with this coming season.

This brings us to the most interesting trade this off season. Danny Ainge of the Celtics finally deciding to pull the trigger and make a move. Giving up team leader and all-star Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, rookie seven-foot center Ante Zizic, and this coming year’s Brooklyn Net’s first round pick for Cleveland’s Kyrie Irving. For the Celtics to finally make a move after passing on getting Jimmy Butler because Ainge wanted to keep Jae Crowder just to end up giving up Crowder and I.T. a rookie and the Brooklyn pick all for Kyrie Irving who demanded a trade seemed like overkill to me. However, things got even more interesting after the trade was agreed upon. The Cavs asked for even more after pretending to learn that I.T. had hip surgery this offseason. They essentially treated him as damaged goods. The Cavs initially wanted Jayson Tatum or Jaelyn Brown on top of everything they initially traded for on August 22. However, the Celtics managed to complete the trade after added another Brooklyn pick, the Net’s second round pick in the 2020 draft. To me personally throwing a fit just to gain a second-round pick in a draft that will happen three years from now seemed over-dramatic to say the very least. However, the Cavs are walking away with more than they originally agreed upon. So, I guess that is a win. This trade makes sense for both teams. The Cav’s managed to trade Kyrie while getting back another all-star point guard in Isaiah Thomas, a 3 and D guy in Jae Crowder, a seven-foot rookie nobody has heard of, Brooklyn’s 2020 second round pick, and Brooklyn’s first round pick this year, which I believe the Cav’s are going to use in another trade to get another star player alongside Lebron, Kevin Love, and Isaiah. The Celtics finally get a superstar player in Kyrie Irving so everyone is happy for now. Only time will tell if the trade was worth all the commotion for both teams. What an offseason it was.

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