Book review of J.R. Johansson’s “Cut Me Free”

Charlotte, a girl who has been abused her whole life, is finally getting a fresh start. In a new city with a new name, she must find a way to not bring attention to herself, but memories of horrible, indescribable things and voices from her past are holding her back. The memories and the voices often overwhelm her mind, so when they tell her to save a young girl from the life she once lived, Charlotte finds she has no choice but to do what they tell her. Then, when she finally thinks that she might actually be safe, someone starts breaking into her apartment and threatening her. They say that they know her secrets, and Charlotte must decide: will she run, or will she stay and fight?

Johansson does a really good job of just sharing bits and pieces of Charlotte’s past throughout the story, making the reader want to know more. She also has put a lot of work into making the reader feel the fear and pain that Charlotte feels. This novel can be described as a thriller, as there are some terrifying events and high emotions, but it isn’t necessarily scary.

From the very first page, I was hooked. As the book progressed, I was shaking my head and looking over my shoulder (even though I knew my apartment was locked and I was safe). My heart was racing at times, and I sometimes even found myself angry with different characters over their actions. I enjoyed the action of the story, as well as the twists, and the emotions portrayed. As someone who enjoys a good story and who doesn’t like to be too scared, this book was an excellent read.

Want to read it for yourself? Check it out from the WIU-QC Library today!

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