3 W’s of Week 10


By: Donte Nystrom

In this week’s edition, we have tons of prime time action going on in all conferences. The SEC could get shaken up into a hot Slap Ya Mama mess like it tends to do around this time of year. The bedlam rivalry is as big as ever and a possible champion could be crowned in the ACC Coastal division. Let’s dive into this week’s pool of madness. Hopefully it’s not as big of a let down as Michael Phelps vs the Shark. I’m also completely forgetting stats this week because they’re just not helping me this year. Matthew Berry can’t even help my fantasy team.


No. 5 Oklahoma at No. 11 Oklahoma State (3 PM; FS1): Baker Mayfield vs. Mason Rudolph. It’s a case of who ya got? Who’s going to throw the least interceptions? And who’s defense is going to get more than one stop in the game? This is going to be quite the shootout. Also, this is the first time these two teams have met this high in rankings. Ever. Chances are, it won’t happen again. For a very long time.

No. 13 Virginia Tech at No. 10 Miami(7 PM; ABC): Did someone say crown a champ? No? Well I guess you’re right for not saying it. If Miami wins they’ll certainly take the division, but don’t count out this solid Virginia Tech team. They’ve only lost to Clemson who lost to Syracuse who lost to Mid Tennessee State. How bad can that be? Miami, however, did beat Syracuse, who beat Clemson. Basically, don’t lose, and you’ll win the division.

No. 19 LSU at No. 2 Alabama(7 PM; CBS): Ed Orgeron and his LSU Tigers are looking fresher than a brand new Merc… which Saban kind of owns his own signature car… kind of like he’s owned the Tigers since a 9-6 OT loss in 2011. But, on the bright side, the 10-0 loss last year for Orgeron was the least amount of points the Tide have scored since that 9-6 game. Maybe Ed has a few tricks up his sleeve like his predecessor.


  1. RB-Saquon Barkley, Penn State: Love him or hate home because he dismantles your top-ranked defense, ahem, Michigan, but you can’t deny he is the most exciting player in college football.
  2. QB-Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma: Mayfield moves up a spot simply because Bryce Love has missed a game. Do I think he’s better? No. Is he more exciting? Maybe. And you’ll probably hate him too. He even said he’d hate himself if he was on another team. That alone speaks the confidence of a Heisman Trophy winner.
  3. QB-J.T. Barrett, Ohio State: This guy has been great this year. He’s tore up mediocre defenses and put up big numbers. He solidified himself in the top three with an amazing comeback win against Penn State last week. He’ll continue the same magic the rest of the season, just like he did to beat Alabama and lead his team to the national championship.

Notables: RB Bryce Love, Stanford; QB Mason Rudolph, Oklahoma State; RB Rashaad Penny, SDSU; RB Josh Adams, Notre Dame


No. 5 Oklahoma at No. 11 Oklahoma State- Heisman QBs face off in, hopefully, the greatest Bedlam rivalry ever. I really wouldn’t mind if this game finished 110-109. Okay yes I would, but I think this one is a shootout and the O/E is only 76. However the spread is a Vegas protection at 2.5. So basically pick the winner. Which is going to be Oklahoma. Because Baker Mayfield has thrown more touchdowns and less interceptions than rival Mason Rudolph. What defense?

Winner: Oklahoma (+2.5)

No. 19 LSU at No. 2 Alabama- The Tide lost their number one rank on a bye week. They get a perfect revenge game on the committee for making that mistake against a hated rival. Ed Orgeron has pieced his team together though. Time to go show ‘em what you’re made of. Spread is way way way too high. The last time either team won by more than 21 was 2003. That’s right, when Nick Saban was coaching the Tigers and won the national championship while Alabama finished 4-9. Alabama is good, and going to win, but it’s not going to be a blowout.

Winner: LSU (+21.5)

No. 13 Virginia Tech at No. 10 Miami- Miami isn’t getting much love even though they’re undefeated. Virginia Tech has only lost to Clemson. So really, these teams are like two undefeated teams ready to go at each other’s throats. Mark Richt has primed this Miami team after a hurricane came in and destroyed part of their city, oh the irony. Time to bring the storm into Hard Rock Stadium and show the Hokies the way out.

Winner:  (Miami +2.5)

No. 4 Clemson at No. 20 NC State- State totally blew it last week and I’m really mad at them. They were so hyped and I was so ready for an I-told-ya-so moment. Now that moment is gone. The hopes of seeing a surging, top-25 dismantling team coming into face the beatable but still good Clemson Tigers at home, would have been a great storyline. All hopes and dreams are now gone as therefore, Clemson wins. *insert Dabo Dab here_____.*

Winner: Clemson (-8.5)

No. 22 Stanford at No. 25 Washington State- I know I rode the Luke Falk bandwagon for a bit. And there is still a little glimmer of hope that shines for him. He got benched last week, but you know, Paul Crewe has been there, and he’s a winner still to this day. Stanford is awful on the road as seen last week against Oregon State as their luck came about with 20 seconds left in the fourth to win 15-14. Keep in mind that Oregon State hasn’t beaten an FBS team this year. Washington State is also 6-0 at home. It’s going to be nasty and cold, a time where the real greats shine. Don’t let me down again Luke. Please.

Winner: Wazzou (-2)

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