A review of Linda Byler’s ‘Lizzie Searches for Love Trilogy’

Lizzie is an Amish girl, but she has a temper and doesn’t like being told what to do. When it comes time for her to start “running around” with other kids her age, she must learn how to behave properly. Then, when she finds that a boy she likes doesn’t have interest in her, she becomes dismayed.

However, when Stephen, a different boy, takes interest in Lizzie, she finds that she is unable to commit to him, as they have been friends for so long that a romantic relationship with him is hard for Lizzie to imagine.

Will Lizzie be able to give Stephen her heart, or will she become, as she puts it, an old maid?

Linda Byler, an Amish woman, is the writer of this series, and the books are said to be based on true experiences. Since she is Amish, we are able to get a real view of what life is like in an Amish community. Byler also does a good job of explaining what some of the words that she uses mean. It is easy to pick up on the meaning from reading the story, but Byler also includes a Glossary and some recipes at the back of the book, which is a nice addition.

I have enjoyed reading the Lizzie Searches for Love Trilogy, especially since it has given me a chance to learn more about the Amish culture. While I am only on the second book of the trilogy, I have found that Lizzie has a slow, but good, character development. Her sassiness still flares up every once in a while, but it is good because she wouldn’t be Lizzie without it.

Overall, I would recommend this story, mostly to people who like Amish stories or who are willing to give them a try.

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