Review of Harlan Coben’s “Live Wire”

Rockstar and athlete agent Myron Bolitar treats his clients like family. So, when Suzze T. asks Myron to track down her runaway husband, he does. Along the way, Myron tumbles onto secrets and people he thought were long gone, like his brother’s wife, Kitty.

Meanwhile, Myron’s father’s health is going downhill, and his request is for Myron to find his brother. Myron has his hands full, and he must come to terms with lies that people have told, including the ones he told himself.

Harlan Coben wrote a fantastic novel. The pace is quick, but the reader is able to see the characters develop and learn their emotions. Coben does an excellent job of knowing when to surge the story forward, and when to pull back on the speed. This keeps the reader on their feet and interested, but it is also a representation of the story itself, as the events of the story only take place over a few weeks.

I really enjoyed this book, which slightly surprised me as I don’t normally reach for novels that have a lot of action and are considered thrillers. The writing and progression of the story definitely kept me on my toes, and there were times when I actually gasped out loud. I had a hard time putting this book down, and I was hoping that it would go on.

I looked up the author after finishing this book, and this was actually the 10th book in the Myron Bolitar series, which I did not know before reading.

Now I want to find those other books to read!

If you are one who enjoys action and thriller stories, I would definitely recommend checking out Harlan Coben. If you aren’t one for action/thrillers, you should give him a try anyway. He writes a really good story with a detailed plot, and you might end up enjoying it!

Check it out at the WIU-QC library today!

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