Review of Karin Slaughter’s “Beyond Reach”


When Lena Adams, a police officer, goes back to her hometown and becomes the only suspect in a murder, Police Chief Jeffery Tolliver, and his wife, Sara Linton, drive 100 miles to see her. Sara has her own issues, as she is in the middle of a malpractice suit, and she doesn’t get along with Lena, but Jeffery is not willing to leave until his detective is in the clear. The truth of the town starts to spill out, along with hatred and bigotry.

Will Jeffery and Sara be able to clear Lena’s name, or will they get sucked into this mess of a small town?

Gabi’s Take

Karin Slaughter makes great use of detail, and definitely keeps her readers on the edge. She uses multiple perspectives, which can make the storyline slightly hard to follow at times, as she jumps in time for the different characters. This also makes the book pretty long, as it is 573 pages.

However, it does add to the story and fills in the missing pieces, as she is showing us what is happening rather than telling us after the fact. Slaughter also includes plenty of cliff-hanging moments, which adds to the suspense and leaves the reader wanting more.

I have to be honest, I don’t yet know how this story ends. I didn’t know how long the book was before I started it, so I would suggest that if you are wanting to read this book, make sure you will have the time for it. However, I am really enjoying this story. There is detective work and forensics, but not so much that it is gory or boring. The characters’ development is flowing really well, and the characters are interacting with each other and building their relationships nicely.

I would definitely recommend this story, as I do really enjoy these kinds of plots, but you might want to wait until Spring Break or the summer so that you will have the time to read and have it be a pleasurable experience.

Check it out at the WIU-QC library today!

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