Maddy and Gabe have been ice skating together since they were little. Maddy has also been in love with Gabe all that time. Gabe, however, has been in so many relationships that he has a two-week rule. When their routine gets switched to “Romeo and Juliet,” Maddy thinks it will help persuade Gabe into giving her a chance. But with a spot for Worlds on the line, will Gabe be able to admit his true feelings?

Gabi’s Take

Katie Van Ark writes this story wonderfully. It is mostly a romance, but it does have more content than just that. She gives the reader just enough to imagine and keep them guessing. For The Boy Next Door, she gives us both Gabe’s and Maddy’s perspective. This makes it easy for the reader to understand the miscommunications between Maddy and Gabe, as well as showing how differently the two of them think.

Plus, she adds more issues to the story than skating and their relationship, which helps to add more of a real-life feel to the story.

I really enjoyed this story. I thought the character development was good, but I do wish Van Ark would have involved some other characters’ storylines in a little more. The romance aspect was executed well, as there was passion between Maddy and Gabe, which was shown throughout the novel.

It was also interesting learning a little more about figure skating, and I think that having the two many characters as partners was a smart decision, as it added some complexity to their relationship. Overall, I would recommend this novel to most people, especially those who do enjoy romance novels.

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