Review of Edwidge Danticat’s “Untwine”


Isabelle and Giselle Boyer are twins with very different interests. During a time when their family is falling apart, a car crashes into them, and nothing will ever be the same. Giselle wakes up in the hospital, unable to move or speak. She has no information of how her parents or sister are doing, except for the snippets that she hears from those who visit her.

Giselle must decide for herself to either let go of this world or keep living and face what comes, even though things will never be the same.

Gabi’s Take

Edwidge Danticat writes this story both delicately and powerfully. She allows the reader to feel Giselle’s pain and uncertainty of what is ahead of her, while also giving the reader insight to Giselle’s past. Danticat is also able to show the reader what it might be like to be in a coma-like state, which is an interesting viewpoint. Danticat also offers insight to other cultures in this story, which adds to the story line.

I liked this story, but I did feel the story line had a slower progression. That said, I liked how Danticat describes the emotions of Giselle and her family. I also enjoyed the viewpoint from the coma-like state, which is often portrayed in television dramas, and this is something I have not seen very often in a novel.

Overall, I would recommend this to most people, especially those who like dramas and a bit of suspense.

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