Review of Mary Kay Andrews’ “Savannah Breeze”


Bebe Loudermilk is a strong-headed woman from Savannah who has worked hard to get what she has. She owns her own restaurant, multiple investment properties, and her own townhome. When Bebe gets persuaded into relying on a handsome man named Reddy, she lets her guard down and her world gets flipped upside down. Reddy cons her out of everything, except for one little motel on Tybee that has seen better days. Bebe moves to Tybee to see what she can make of the place but vows she will get her money and possessions back.

However, Bebe and the handyman, Harry, have a hard time getting along. When Reddy is sighted in Fort Lauderdale, she hauls Harry, her friend Weezie, and her grandfather down with her in an attempt to con Reddy out of the money that he stole from her. Will Bebe be able to pull off a con of her own?

Gabi’s Take

Mary Kay Andrews writes a very detailed and intricate story. This story line is fast paced, eventful, and tension filled, which all help to draw the reader in and keep them going. Andrews has created a whole world within this book, which is actually a sequel to Savannah Blues, a story that focuses on Bebe’s friend Weezie.

Although this is a sequel, the reader is still able to make sense of what is going on, as there are only a few fleeting allusions to the previous novel. The characters are also developing quite nicely, and this story has a very true-to-life element that is created by the amount of detail that Andrew uses.

I personally loved this book. There is a lot going on, which kept my attention and made me want to keep reading. Bebe’s determination to get her possessions back, plus the help of her hilarious troop, kept my brain turning and me laughing. There is also a bit of a romance element, which I also enjoyed. If you like mystery and detective novels, you should definitely check out this book!

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