Noah Cyrus

By: Priscilla Porter

In this week’s column, I’m highlighting the artist Noah Cyrus. She officially started her music career with her 2016 release Make Me (Cry), featuring Labrinth (unless you consider her 2010 casting in Ponyo and featured performances on the film’s soundtrack to be the start of her music career). Cyrus and Labrinth performed their hit at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in 2016 and it quickly became a hit, along with her many songs following it.

She started out as more of an EDM/dance-genre artist, but her newest release strays away from what we usually expect from her. Her new EP, entitled Good Cry, was released this past September 21st, and it is less of the electronic sound that she so often produced before. This EP channels all of the feelings that heartbreak can bring, like hopelessness, vulnerability, guilt, defensiveness, and even the faithfulness that a lot of us have experienced towards our heart breaker.

In my opinion, Good Cry adopts many of the sounds and techniques we heard from sister, Miley, on her most recent album, Younger Now. Some of these similar sounds and techniques include the soul in her voice, as heard in Mad at You, or her twang in the Voice Memo called Topanga (just like Miley’s Rainbowland.) In addition to the soul and twang of this EP, Cyrus shows so many other strengths, and this EP demonstrates that she is an artist of many talents. Her song, Sadness, gives me sort of an Ellie Goulding vibe which Cyrus really pulls off.

Overall, I really like the different path that Noah Cyrus took with this album and the creativity behind it all. Although the topic the EP revolves around is plain and simple “sadness,” there’s no way you’ll listen to this album without jamming out along with the artist.

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