Simone Biles, Bounds to Greatness Again

By: Vanessa Forbes-Pateman

Simone Biles Wins a Record 4th All-Around World Gymnastics Title.  Biles, 21, finished with 57.491 points in the four-apparatus competition, well ahead of the silver medalist, Mai Murakami of Japan, who finished with 55.798. Morgan Hurd, one of Biles’s American teammates, took the bronze with 55.723 (  It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no ladies it’s not Super Grover, but #SuperSaiyanSimone.  I just wanna shout out my utmost respect to this little flying sensation, small in stature but huge in power, performance and perseverance.  I know you girls were sitting on the edge of your seat 4 days ago when the little pixie gave that Simone Smirk and just powered through her floor routine; even I was a little jelly.  Being a tall chick, my center of gravity and mass is way to high for me to have attempted gymnastics, thus it was ballet.  I’m as graceful as a broken ostrich at that, but that’s another story, hey listen me can’t all have uber dexterity (I know I do not).  But I can run and that counts, right?  I just want to take a moment to revere all that bomb diggity #BlackGirlMagic that was on display when the #PixiePowerhouse did her thing at Worlds; I still get chills just thinking about it.  I see you #SuperSaiyanSimone, I see you and so do all the other little girls that you empower.

Ladies, and guess what I’m sure you’ve heard by now, the #PixiePowerhouse did all that with a kidney stone.  That’s right, her legendary-ness continues to grow.  That’s on some Arya Stark ish right there.  The #PixiePowerehouse just said, “you know what? Pain is not an option, I’m just going to ninja my way through, win this thing then deal with that later.”  It was like when Arya had that scene with Brianna. Pain what? Pain who?  Who does that?  A world-class gymnast. That’s who.  Who else thought she was just like Kitana in these Games and just ran through her opposition. I was screaming “Finish Them” in my Mortal Kombat voice and of course #SuperSaiyanSimone did it with grace and finesse.  I mean she did fall twice (ugh that darn kidney stone) but she powered through like Bibidi summoner of Buu, eliminating the competition like it was the Supreme Kais of the universe.  #BibidiBiles on her performance told the New York Times, “It’s not the gymnast that I am, to go out there and kind of bomb a meet like this, even though I won, I wish it were a little bit different.”  Given that Biles took 14 months off after the 2016 Olympics, her performance was stellar and amazing.  She’s another GOAT in the making and I, for one, am here for all of it.  I’ve included, as usual, local places where you can unleash your in #SuperSaiyanSimone…my vote is for the YMCA.


Downloaded from 11.04.2018

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