Dez Bryant and his Achilles

By: Vanessa Forbes-Pateman

Ladies, man oh man did my heart just ache for Dez Bryant over the last week.  It’s been one helluva whirlwind; I really thought Dez “Speedy Gonzales” Bryant was back.  He’s one of the few wide receivers that made watching the Cowboys so enjoyable, so when he left, I was, needless to say, devastated.  Bryant stands at 6 ft 2 inches, with a weight of 220lbs; this is hard to believe because he makes dancing and twirling in the air look so effortless easy.  However, what makes him an outstanding WR also is his Achilles’ heel.  Yes, that’s an awful pun but, the ability to fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee, pulling out acrobatics and what could be very akin to a cross between ballet and pilates type moves is hard on the body.  WR’s like Bryant with that kind of skill and ability tend to get injured and that, girls, is what is Bryant’s problem now, like his Achilles is his downfall.  Bryant, a Texas native, went to Oklahoma State and has nine seasons in the NFL.  At age 30 the wear and tear on his body has been significant, don’t get me wrong; he’s still my all-time favorite WR, dude got skills.  Back to this week’s highs and lows, for Speedy Gonzales.  When it was announced that he would be going to the Saints roster, I for one was joyous and literally said “ok New Orleans, y’alls making some power moves, I expect nothing less than the Super Bowl with this latest chess play.”

In just his second practice with the Saints, Bryant torn his Achilles, and even I felt that like whaaattttt noooooo, dang!!!  That means surgery and at least 6-9 months of recovery time.  This is a big complication regarding his ability to declare free agency in 2019.  Bryant knew he wasn’t the flash anymore, prior to signing with the Saints, this much is evident from his working with David Robinson.  Robinson is the Football guru of receiving and route running. If you have intentions of returning to play in tip top form, he’s your man.  Robinson said that he and Bryant “worked a lot on his ball skills, hand-eye coordination to get his eyes and confidence back after he put some balls on the ground last year”; also elucidating that “we started seeing a big improvement in his mindset to get him back to the player he was from 2010-2016, when he was one of the best players in the NFL” (

Despite being injured, his presence is felt and it shows in the Saints camp.  On Sunday Mark Ingram threw up the trademark Bryant “X” in the end zone after a touch down 14-51 victory against the Bengals.  The Saints still have good intentions towards Bryant as long as he remains healthy, it’s really a wait and see game.  Given that Bryant put in so much off-season work with Robinson, I suspect “Speedy Gonzales” will be back in no time, ready to conquer the grid iron and plough some pigskin to the end-zone in his trademark fashion. We’re sure to see his “The Flash” like running ability that we’re all so used to seeing.  It also helps that most likely he will drop some weight and be back in stellar form, because, well, “Men in tights” is what it’s all about right ladies (wink, wink)!  The fact that, in such a short time, he’s made enough of a mark on his teammates to have Ingram tweet out support says a lot about Bryant’s ability to ignite a fire both on and off the field.  Ingram stated that “We were all excited about him being a part of our team, great playmaker, good dude, and we all hated to see what happened on Friday. So, we just wanted to let him know he’s still part of us, and we’re holding him down (  Bryant’s 2018 NFL season was over before it began on Saturday when he was placed on injured reserve by team doctors.

I hope to see you in 2019, Dez, and I know my ladies do too!  Girls, I don’t know about you guys but this is the season to do a pick-up game of flag football with your SO and some friends.  I say put together your shopping list for a great backyard tailgate party.  What’s more fun that an afternoon of beer, brauts and ball?  I can suggest Oliver Wines of Indiana for the ladies like me with a softer palate, it’s now available in Quad Cities and won’t break the bank; another fabulous wine available for around $8.



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