Review of Whenever You Come Around By Robin Lee Hatcher

By: Gabi Rutherford

Past traumas and fears have kept Charity Anderson away from her hometown, Kings Meadow, for ten years. However, flooding has caused damage to her house in Boise, and with a book deadline coming up, there is nowhere else for her to turn. Buck Malone, a former classmate of Charity’s, has sacrificed many of his dreams for his family. Now he lives the bachelor life and enjoys being a wilderness guide. When Charity and Buck cross paths again, Charity makes every effort to stay away from Buck to repress the past trauma, but when Charity’s dog causes Buck to fracture both his ankle and wrist at the beginning of tourist season, Charity finds herself spending a lot more time with Buck, and, in turn, finds inspiration for her novel.

Robin Lee Hatcher wrote this novel in such a way that it intrigues the reader. Charity’s trauma and secrets are slowly relived and revealed throughout the story, which keeps up the interest. The growth of the characters is very interesting, as the reader can see Charity and Buck start to trust one another more and begin to rely on each other. The novel is written from both sides, so the reader gets a good understanding of both characters and what they are going through. Overall, Hatcher wrote a great novel.

I really enjoyed this book. I felt like the progression of Charity and Buck’s relationship was set at a good pace. I did also like that Charity has kind of a difficult backstory, as that makes her character have more depth. This is a love story, but not in the typical romance novel kind of way. This novel is less than 250 pages, so if you are looking for a shorter read, this would be great. I would recommend this novel, especially to those who like love stories.

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