By: Gabi Rutherford

Courtney, Raine, and Norah are sisters who are as different as can be. Norah still holds a grudge against Raine, as she blames Raine for ruining her wedding day six years ago, after which Raine ran off to California. Norah and Courtney haven’t spoken to Raine since. However, Courtney was just proposed to by her long-time boyfriend, and she can’t imagine not having both her sisters there for the wedding day. So, Courtney sets out to find Raine, and once she does, she encounters her past, as well as fears about her future, and, of course, the opinions from both her sisters.

Megan Crane wrote this novel in a very delightful way. This novel tells the story that so many families have; an estranged family member, the want to reconnect the family, and the hardships of those relationships. The readers are able to see how Courtney is able to overcome these, as well as see her grow as a character. Courtney learns that she must stick up for what she thinks, even when it could upset the family balance. Overall, Crane wrote this novel that most readers can relate to in such a way that will leave the readers wanting more.

This novel was one of the most exciting novels that I have read in a while. Honestly, I had a hard time putting it down. I really enjoyed Courtney’s character growth, and I appreciated that Megan Crane wrote this novel on a topic that many people can relate to. I think that aspect of it is part of what makes this read so good. I would recommend this to anyone, especially those who enjoy stores about family dynamics and prodigal returns.

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