Healthy Eating on the Go

By: Morgan Kidwell Eating healthy while in college does not have to be a struggle. With motivation and planning there are many healthy, affordable options to choose from. Most people want to grab ready-to-go food items, especially if running late. A few healthy on the go snacks would be fruits, which have many beneficial vitamins and minerals, and nuts, which are also inexpensive, easy to … Continue reading Healthy Eating on the Go

Sydney’s Netflix Reviews: An Introduction

By: Sydney Godsil Let’s start out these “Netflix Reviews” with some insight into my favorite, go-to Netflix featured television shows and movies, that way you can better understand where my opinion comes from. For starters, I love television shows and movies equally; I have seen just about as many of one as I have the other on Netflix over the years. Some of my all-time … Continue reading Sydney’s Netflix Reviews: An Introduction