Sydney’s Netflix Reviews: An Introduction

By: Sydney Godsil

Let’s start out these “Netflix Reviews” with some insight into my favorite, go-to Netflix featured television shows and movies, that way you can better understand where my opinion comes from. For starters, I love television shows and movies equally; I have seen just about as many of one as I have the other on Netflix over the years.

Some of my all-time favorites include: Friends, Gilmore Girls, Jane the Virgin, Gone Baby Gone, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Keith, and many, many more. With that being said, you could say I am biased towards romantic comedies and drama-filled scenes. Some of my more recent finds include: You, How to Get Away with Murder, Making a Murderer, Gossip Girl, and many more suspenseful television shows and movies.

Therefore, if you are interested in either rom-coms or mysteries, stay tuned this semester to hear more about Netflix’s treasures. If not, you’ll probably be bored with my opinion and find yourself always looking, and failing to find, good content on Netflix. However, as I begin making reviews of shows that I have seen, I would love some recommendations and requests to peruse throughout the semester!

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