Healthy Eating on the Go

By: Morgan Kidwell

Eating healthy while in college does not have to be a struggle. With motivation and planning there are many healthy, affordable options to choose from. Most people want to grab ready-to-go food items, especially if running late. A few healthy on the go snacks would be fruits, which have many beneficial vitamins and minerals, and nuts, which are also inexpensive, easy to pack snacks, as both of these provide healthy fats, protein, and fiber. Sargento Balanced Breaks are single-serving snack packs that are filled with nuts, cheese and dried fruit. These can be found in the dairy section at HyVee and local grocery stores. Hummus with veggies or cheese with crackers are great alternatives as well as yogurt with granola and fruit.

Snack bars are very easy to take on the go.  Some bars that I eat regularly are Perfect Bars; they have a great variety of flavors and the base for these bars are peanut butter or almond butter.  HyVee often has these for sale for 2 for $4.00. Larabars are vegan and are made with minimal ingredients such as fruits, including dates and nuts. Bobo’s Bars are baked oat that are gluten-free and have nut-free options as well. They are a good source of protein and made with wholesome ingredients. A granola bar brand I also love is Kind Bars; like the other bars, they are made from whole nuts, fruits and whole grains. They don’t using any artificial flavors, preservatives or sweeteners. All of these bars are easy to throw in your back and ready to eat anytime.

In my future articles I will not only be talking about healthy food options, I will also be visiting local healthy and affordable restaurants for you to try, as well as giving advice on fitness and ways to improve your health!

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