Netflix Reviews: Jane the Virgin

By: Sydney Godsil

Even though Netflix has been around since I was born (1998), I didn’t become familiar with it until I was introduced to Jane the Virgin in 2015. This television show was branded as a “dramatic television show” but it ended up being a lot more than that. If you have ever seen and enjoyed a soap opera, this show would be perfect for you. Even if you haven’t, it would be a good watch. The show refers to itself as a “telenovela,” which is a Latin American soap opera. This romantic comedy consists of love, babies and lots of drama.

A quick summary: A young woman, busy with college, a relationship, and her family, gets artificially inseminated. Her life flips upside down and is never the same again!

My favorite character: Rafael, who is the father of the insemination accident. He is able to create a mess and fix it, which happens a lot.

Overall rating: compared to sitcoms and soap operas in general, it is somewhere around a 6! I would say that it is a good watch but it is a LOT of drama, which can be exhausting at some points.

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