Netflix Review: Making a Murderer

By: Sydney Godsil

Anyone LOVE documentaries? They are the BEST to binge on Netflix! My first one to watch was Making A Murderer.

A quick summary includes: Basically, a young man, Steven Avery, was accused of murder– twice. To find out what may or may not have happened to a victim and to see where his life takes him throughout 13 years, go watch this!

My favorite character: I have two: Steven Avery’s parents. They did everything they could to stand by him and love him during the worst parts of his life. All through the accusations, the jail time, and everything in between, they were there to take care of him in any way they could. It just shows how unconditional parental love can be.

Overall rate: One of the best crime documentaries that I have ever watched: 10/10. The story takes you through the emotional turmoil that the main character, his family, loved ones and victim’s families endured for decades at a time. It is shocking how much this group of people saw and witnessed. How they were able to carry on, I do not understand.

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