Netflix Review: Gone Baby Gone

By: Sydney Godsil

If you would rather watch a movie than watch a television show on Netflix, a good choice would be Gone Baby Gone. This movie is a real thriller so be prepared to be on the edge of your seat for the entire screening!

My quick summary includes: A private investigator is hired to find a kidnapped girl in Boston. He and his partner agree to do the best they can with the connections they have. Throughout the movie, many instances of corruption are uncovered, shocking the characters and the audience.

My favorite character: The mother of the kidnapped four-year-old girl, Helene McCready. It was interesting to watch her life play out throughout the search of her daughter. The actress was able to really show the true colors of run-down suburban mothers. We all have a guess of what the stereotypical mother in the ghetto is like, but this proves that they are as bad as they seem.

Overall rating: 8/10—I think that this movie is a raw and realistic example of the lives in suburban Boston. However, the ending is a unique and controversial decision that really makes you check in with yourself and ask what your values and beliefs are. Therefore, my rate is based on how much I agree with the ending decision.

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