Netflix Reviews: Movie List



Since the semester is slowly coming to an end, I thought it might be fun idea to list some of the movies that I have seen on Netflix that have stuck with me. I recommend each of these movies for different reasons, but mainly because I feel that they are worth watching—some should be watched a few times!


Movie Genre Favorite Character Rating
P.S. I love you Romantic Comedy Gerry, Husband, Gerald Butler 10/10, will make you cry
Abducted in Plain Sight Crime Documentary Jan, abductee 10/10, opens your eyes about the true horrors of the world
The Notebook Romance Noah, main male character, Ryan Gosling 10/10, good love story
Coco Family Musical Mama Coco, grandmother, Ana Ofelia Murguia 10/10, feel good movie with culture
Saving Mr. Banks Historical Drama Walt Disney, Tom Hanks 8/10, imitates how the real process of a movie happened
Pretty In Pink Teen Romantic Comedy Duckie, friend of Andie, Jon Cryer 9/10, basic john Hughes 80s movie
The Switch Romantic Comedy Wally, main male character, Jason Bateman 7/10, good story of sperm donation and the consequences
Bird Box Thriller Malorie, main character, Sandra Bullock 8/10, predictable but horrifying
The Lovely Bones Thriller Lindsey, sister of victim, Rose Mclver 10/10, shows the realty of kidnapping


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