Review of “Sweet Stuff” by Donna Kauffman

Review of Sweet Stuff by Donna Kauffman By: Gabi Rutherford The O’Donnell and Angert families have been a disaster to one another for as long as everyone can remember. When something bad happens to one family, something even worse happens to the other. It’s their curse. That’s why June O’Donnell has been forbidden from even being in the same building as an Angert for all … Continue reading Review of “Sweet Stuff” by Donna Kauffman

Netflix Reviews: TV Show List

TV SHOW LIST To continue from my list of movies last week, I thought I would share with you my favorite television shows on Netflix for this week. I recommend each of these shows for different reasons, but mainly because I feel are worth watching—some should be watched a few times!   Show Genre Favorite Character Rate Imposters Crime/Comedy Ezra, Rob Heaps, one of the … Continue reading Netflix Reviews: TV Show List