Netflix Reviews: TV Show List


To continue from my list of movies last week, I thought I would share with you my favorite television shows on Netflix for this week. I recommend each of these shows for different reasons, but mainly because I feel are worth watching—some should be watched a few times!


Show Genre Favorite Character Rate
Imposters Crime/Comedy Ezra, Rob Heaps, one of the exes 8/10, good binge watching material
Friends Sitcom Joey, Matt LeBlanc, one of the group members 10/10, if you like the 90’s era and you like comedy, this is the show for you
Impractical Jokers Hidden camera reality comedy series Sal Vulcano, one of the comedians 9/10, funny guys goofing around with the public is a hit
Conversations with a killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes Documentary Ted Bundy, the killer 10/10, if you’re into dark documentaries then this is perfect for you to binge watch
Orange is the New Black Comedy Drama Red, Kate Mulgrew, prisoner 7/10, slightly inappropriate but good storyline
Good Girls Comedy Drama Rio, Manny Montana, criminal 7/10, entertaining and full of drama and laughs
13 Reasons Why Teen Drama Hannah, Katherine Langford, suicidal main character 10/10, teaches great lessons that people need to watch and understand
Grey’s Anatomy Medical Drama Christina Yang, Sandra Oh, main characters best friend 10/10, if you like the drama that happens with a hospital
You Thriller Peach, Shay Mitchell, friend of main female character 10/10, good thrilling show

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