“One Plate, One Palate, One Person at a Time”

By: Morgan Kidwell

Peaceful Palate Inc. is a non-profit organization created by Dr. Kyle Verschorre, a ‘food knowledge, giver, extraordinaire, culinary instructor’! The nonprofit’s mission is to help those who are in need – “To connect food to people from farm to store, shelf to plate.”  Recently Peaceful Palate fed business owners, homeowners, tenants, and volunteers who were cleaning up from the recent Mississippi flooding. You can often find Kyle passing out food on “street feeds” and “pop-up kitchens”.  Kyle gets leftover food from restaurants which he repurposes for the free meal giveaways.  Peaceful Palate relies on donations from the community.

Kyle first became inspired when he took his students from Scott Community College to a homeless shelter to help pass out chili to those in need; it was then that he knew this was something he had to do. While sitting down with Kyle I asked him why he does what he does and he said that, it is something he is very passionate about and it “blossomed from a seed in my heart”. His motto is “One plate, one palate, one person at a time!”

Peaceful Palate recently teamed up with the Freighthouse Farmers Market in Davenport, Iowa to form a new program called “Chef in the Market.” Chef Kyle (as well as other local chefs) will be using vegetables and other local foods from the Farmers Market to show shoppers different ways to prepare the foods purchased at the Market, as well as nutritional benefits from those foods.

Kyle has done an extraordinary job with helping the community. Kyle posts a lot of information and photos on his Facebook page “Kyle Verschorre”. For more information or to donate to Peaceful Palate you can visit peacefulpalate.org or you can go to the Peaceful Palate Instagram account at peaceful_palate.

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