British Virgin Islands

Population: 29,151 (2009 Census)

Languages: English (UK), Virgin Islands Creole

Climate: Average Temp 78°F & Low Humidity

Culture: European, African & Caribbean Mixture

Currency: US Dollar.

The British Virgin Islands are an overseas British Territory. These Islands are located in the Eastern Caribbean Sea and constitute 36 islands. Just 4 islands are populated and serve as the life blood of the archipelago. The largest island, Tortola, is home to the biggest city and port named Road Town.


The landscape of these islands can be described as hilly. There are many low mountains (Highest point is Mount Sage -1709 feet), coral reefs, barrier beaches and landlocked harbours. Since these islands are tropical, there is a wet season (September – December) and dry season(February- July). Hurricanes average about 4 per century usually occurring between August and October. Vegetation is tropical so tree species such as mangoes, soursoup(a small tropical tree with a large, succulent fruit), coconut palms, and breadfruit(Bread fruit??whaaat!!!!).  Wild orchids grow in the hills, and cactus and sugarcane in the lowlands. There are numerous species of birds and small game such as deer.


Majority of the citizens are descendants of African slaves and the minority are of European descent. Tortola, the largest island, holds the most people with one-fourth residing in Roadtown, the chief town and port. Christianity is the main religion, followed by Hinduism and Islam.


Tourism is the largest contributor to GDP and also the largest employer. Second to tourism, is the offshore financial services sector. About 400,000 companies are situated in BVI contributing to the GDP through payment of license and incorporation fees by businesses. Imports from United States, Puerto Rico( BVI lies to the east of Puerto Rico)and the United Kingdom. Imports include chiefly of foodstuffs, beverages, motor vehicles, machinery, building materials, and petroleum products. Exports consist of fresh fish, rum, sand, gravel, charcoal, fruits and vegetables.


BVI’s culture mixes European, African, and Caribbean elements. BVI is also knowns as the “sailing capital of the Caribbean” since sailing is the world’s sport. Other dominant sports are cricket and football(soccer).


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