Worst Advice?

Often-times we are asked “what is the best advice you’ve ever received?” Good advice is took in and passed on. It inspires us. But, what about the worst advice? Can it inspire us? Listed below are several people that received some of the worst advice. From celebrities to people here on campus–they open up about how it drove them to reject that advice. To be resilient, to ignore the doubters, and to hold onto their journey for their dream.


“Good things come to those who wait”

No, they come to those who work hard and motivate themselves to achieve their goals. Make things happen.


“You have to be realistic”

No, you shouldn’t base your future off of your current circumstances. And you should not let anyone hold you back.


“You have to be born talented to make it”

The person I am today… the success I have attained is not from natural born talent. It is from hard work. Spending years crafting my skills. It doesn’t happen over night and I wasn’t born with it. Consistency, hard work and dedication. Be the guy that ditches the party to go practice extra on the pitch.


“You will never make it”

That is their opinion. But let me tell you, I do not care who doubts me–as long as I never doubt myself.


“Just wing it”

No, don’t do that. You want to be prepared and organized. Do not throw spaghetti on the wall.


“Everybody does it”

And? Avoid groupthink and be confident about your own thoughts. Do not follow the herd.


“Music isn’t a wise career choice. Give up on it”

I know the probability. Trust me I am aware, but I am not going to give up on it. It is my dream and it is my passion. If I were to listen to those comments, then I would have done myself an injustice. It is my journey, not theirs.


“Never go to bed angry”

I disagree. Go to bed angry. When you sleep it off, you wake up with clarity. Do not make impulsive decisions. Do not let let your emotions control you.


Want to share some of the best or worst advice you have received? Please email m-nedic@wiu.edu for a chance to be featured in an article.



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