Benefits of Receiving a Scholarship

I am in the fortunate position to have been able to have directly benefited from the support of the Doris and Victor Day Foundation as both a student and a professional at Western Illinois University Quad Cities. As a student, the foundation helped support my efforts towards an education by helping me pay for it via the Doris and Victor Day Foundation Scholarship which I was able to take advantage of every semester. The Scholarship made it easier for me to manage covering portions of my tuition so that I could focus on performing well in school, but more importantly for me, allowing me to make connections that were essential to my development as a person and a professional. The foundation also helped to fund an internship I piloted with the help of Dr. Tammy Werner and foundation director Dave Geenen, an after school program that provided a safe space, food, and enrichment for freshman and sophomore basketball players at Rock Island High School. These are just two of the ways in which the Doris and Victor Day Foundation helped to support and transform me as a student, a person, and a professional and for that support, I am forever grateful.

-Cameron Ruiz

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