Considered the LG Velvet?

LG’s newest phone, LG Velvet, was released this past spring. Many argue that the phone’s sleek look strongly competes with the likes of iphone 11 and Samsung S20. However the edge that this phone has over the innovative technologies of iphone 11 and Samsung S20 is it’s dual screen feature!


In addition, the LG velvet surprisingly has a 16 MP front camera, which is more than both the S20 and iPhone 11, the picture quality for the front camera still lacks a sharp and crisp appearance. However, the phone looses iphone 11 and Samsung S20 with regards to picture quality for the rear camera. Below is a comparison

Velvet Vs, iPhone 11 Ultra(Ignore Huawei phone)
Velvet vs. Samsung S20 Ultra


The LG velvet scree display is very crisp, clean, and visually appealing. The design of the phone catches anyone’s due to the thin, streamlined look it has. See below for pictures.

4K Video Recording

Yes, we know that the Samsung S20 has 8K video recording but LG, 4K is a huge step up, competing with the iPhone 11 that also has 4k video recording. We would like to highlight LG’s 4K pictures and videos to applaud the velvet for it’s competitiveness in the market.

So in a nutshell we can see agree that the LG velvet holds a competitive stance in the smartphone market, especially among the top smartphone bracket. However, the camera quality for both the rear and front needs further work in order to persuade people to cancel ownership of their iPhone 11s and Samsung S20s.

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