Mamma Says

My mother, Kathy, has always been the queen of fun. As a child, she encouraged my brother and I to try everything and she always had a new activity for us to do somewhere in the cities. Well, she is an empty nester now and nothing has changed. She still hits the town and discovers the wonderful people and places the Quad Cities has to offer. Ever since I helped her set up a Facebook account three years ago she has basically been the Tour Guide Barbie of the Quad Cities. Every week her account boasts a new experience fully equipped with a review and photos. Every time I see her she has some story that usually begins with, “did you see my post?” Then proceeds to tell me about the newest hot spots in town. To be honest, I never saw her posts and I thought they were just pictures from bingo night or something. Well, one day she got upset that I never saw her posts so I started following her. She definitely was posting photos from bingo night, but it was Rockstar Bingo, and it actually looked fun! She had photos of amazing looking food from restaurants on opening night, glasses of wine on beautiful patios with a river backdrop, and even photos with new people she had met that day and shared stories with. That is when I truly realized my mom is…cool! And perhaps the best tour guide in the Quad Cities.
Regardless if you’re new to the Quad Cities or if you have lived here your whole life, at one point you have been told there is nothing to do here or it’s boring. I am here to tell you that my mom says you’re wrong! In this segment of Mamma Says we’ll take a look at Kathy’s fall faves!

  1. Celebration Belle Fall Foliage Cruise
  2. Hayrack Rides and Pumpkin Picking at one of our many pumpkin patches such as..
    ○ Buffalo Pumpkin Farm in Buffalo, IA
    ○ Shady Knoll in Moline, IL
    ○ Pride of the Wapsi in Long Grove, IA
  3. Enjoy a Hot Toddy by the Fire Pit at Steverton’s in Le Claire, IA
  4. Get lost at the Haunted Carter Farms Amazing Maize Maze in Princeton, IA
  5. And of course, fall is not complete without jumping in a pile of leaves to which I said “Mom, when is the last time you jumped in a pile of leaves?” She doesn’t do it, but she highly recommends it.

There you have it, five of Kathy’s fall faves! Stay tuned for more of Momma’s reviews and recommendations of what the Quad Cities has to offer!

By: Kylie White

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