iPad Pro(12.9″) vs Surface Pro X

Since the introduction of tablets on the technology market, we have seen tablets transition from thick to thin, heavy to light, slow to fast, and standard to versatile. Now, in 2020 we have access to the iPad Pro and Surface Pro X, both having the largest display for tablets ever. This article is meant to compare the two tablets, so you guys can make a choice for yourselves. Okay, enough with the intro, let’s dig in!


The iPad Pro has a 12.9″ screen which follows very closely to the the Surface Pro X which has 13″ screen. The screen resolution for the iPad is 264 pixels per second which lower than 267 pixels per second for the surface Pro X. The iPad Pro beats the Surface Pro X’s regarding he aspect ratio, with 4:3 compared the X’s 3:2. See below!


The iPad Pro stores up to 1TB of data/files while the Surface Pro only stores 512GB of data/Files

Battery Life

The Surface Pro X battery endures for 15 hours for typical usage like surfing the web on on Wi-Fi while performing other tasks. The iPad Pro’s battery only lasts for 10 hours. All in all both tablets can last you all day!


When it comes to camera quality, the iPad Pro blows the Surface pro out of the water with its 12MP wide camera. Although both tablets have 10 MP rear facing cameras, iPad Pro has a an ultra wide feature which gives it the edge it needs over the Surface Pro. The iPad also wins over the Surface Pro with a 7MP front facing camera, compared to a 5MP. iPad also has a lidar scanner which is able to add VR to the camera.

Video Recording

Both tablets have 4K video recording capability.

Well, there you have it! depending on what your needs are both tablets are a good fit, best in the market so far. Surface Pro is mostly used by artists and iPad Pro is mostly used for productivity purposes.

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