Stepping into the Age of Virtual theater with Rogues’ Gallery

By: Nicole Stocker

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a lot of the culture and arts programs in a tight spot as far as in person performances. This has been a challenge for colleges, performing arts theaters, art galleries, and live music venues. As more virtual learning occurs, together with rising COVID-19 case numbers, Scott Community College has decided to host a virtual theater performance.

The art, theater, and performing arts programs will need to try to adapt to online formatting. This is something that educational instruction as well as businesses have had to adapt to. As the writer for this article and an actress in a performance named “Rogues Gallery”, I believe it should be interesting to see how the audience captures this virtual display. The box office date to buy tickets is December.

Essentially the play will be performed on camera as the actors and actresses will perform their parts. Please be aware that some of the scenes in “Rogues’ Gallery” contain sensitive content that is disclaimed on the social media advertising. From actress to viewer you are encouraged to check the content and enjoy the show.

My character tells an outrageous story about a medical experience. I am merely just an understudy, but I have been involved in theater since childhood. I connected to my part on a personal level which ultimately helped me pick it up. I am excited to record this for a virtual audience. Overall, I am hoping for a successful showcase. The performing arts is a part of human culture which is a great form of expression. Performing in theater takes a lot of hard work and dedication to learn the lines and act the part. It’s a structured activity more so than many people may think. As for working in theater in the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual performances such as “Rogues’ Gallery” is a necessary adaptation for theater and performing arts to survive. A huge thank you during this thanksgiving season to the people support who virtual theater, and can truly appreciate that the show must go on by whatever means necessary.

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