Following Art and Musical Culture though the Pandemic this Holiday Season

By Nicole Stocker

Upon the arrival of the pandemic, we have seen businesses shut down completely. Profit and nonprofit art galleries, music venues, and performing arts organizations are fighting to keep their business going, just like every other business. For those who are cautious of COVID-19, they may be less inclined to go out during this time even though these are fantastic local places you can explore. If you are looking, below is a list of places that are in the Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois area.  This article contains seven amazing venues for any holiday explorer looking for some artistic culture.

  1. Unimpaired dry bar: Unimpaired dry bar and restaurant is located on in Davenport, Iowa. The Quad Cities Unimpaired is a fantastic place to have great food and mocktail with a bourbon home-like atmosphere. This family fun venue also has live music, open mic nights, and Trivia night. The pizza also is well crafted and thoroughly enjoyable.
  2. The Adler theater in Davenport, Iowa is a classy place to experience live performances such as musicals, plays, and live music. The Adler Theater has announced that it will have Iowa native Maddie Poppe from the famous American Idol show on ABC on December 19,2020.
  3. Bereskin Art Gallery is a place full of talent and artistic culture. Their exhibits are phenomenally excellent with highly talented artists. Bereskin Art Gallery also offers Art classes with some of the highly talented showcase artists. Bereskin also has collaborated with the Adler Theater to show their 2020 Paint the River art showcase until the end of December. One of my paintings of the Mississippi River was selected in there, therefore I have much gratitude to Bereskin Art Gallery for being selected for this amazing opportunity. Bereskin’s art exhibits contain many handmade holiday gifts and free admission to their showcase.
  4. The River’s Art Center in Clinton, Iowa has a talented selection of Artists. The photo for this article consists of some of the artists that are shown in the yearly River’s Art Center membership show. My drawing of Private First-Class soldier William O. Reek is featured until Christmas Eve.  Martha Hayes River painting along with Bonnie Temperley This show is open to all River’s Art Center members. As a member, I can proudly say student memberships have been only $10 for a year for four years. This spot also contains many handmade holiday gifts and free admission.
  5. The Vue in Clinton, Iowa is a musical hotspot full of live music from talented local musicians. You will enjoy the company of the creative and talented owner Brooke Byam who is from the locally famous band based in Clinton Iowa called “The PeOple.” This venue opened in September and has flourished into a classy safe social club. Live music is played at the Vue every Friday night.
  6. Henry’s Double K in Mount Carol, Illinois is a great restaurant with a great taco Tuesday promotion. Henry’s Double K also has live music with a cozy cabin-like lounge bar.  You can find occasional open mic nights at this cozy spot. There is also courteous service from the shift of the one and only talented Brooke Byam along with more music from The PeOple band members.  
  7. Another Venue on my list of venues to venture to is Dirty Water Music. This is a venue located in the Quad Cities surrounded area of Le Claire, Iowa. This small-town local venue consists of live music and music lessons. Dirty Water music is surrounded by amazing local restaurants, bars, and local businesses.

I have another huge thank you to give to Martha Hayes and Bonnie Temperley for consenting to the photography of their artwork for the publication of this article. It is amazing to see such talented local work, live music and showcasing in Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois. College students from the Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois area have such amazing venues and a local amazing culture to venture to. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

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